Dec 12, 2014
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If you follow us on Facebook, you might have seen a picture of a super cute onesie.  Jess and Dustin are the ones responsible for that onesie.  They sent it to us shortly after we shot their wedding this past summer and I spilled the beans to Jess.  Thanks, guys!  They are some of the sweetest people and I’m so happy I got to know these two!  Andy and I headed up to Cleveland last summer to shoot their engagement session, and while it may have been the hottest day ever you’d never know looking at their photos!

Dec 09, 2014
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Time flies at warp speed on this blog—doesn’t it?  One day it’s the beginning of July and windows are down, the sun is shining, birds are chirping, and ice cream is all I dream of.  Then, the next day it’s December and frost glistens in the morning, twinkle lights are strung, christmas carols are the background music of all our days, and I still dream of ice cream!  :)  Well, a lot has happened since June!  Lots of weddings and engagement sessions have been shot.  BHLDN featured one of our photos in a campaign of theirs—so neat!  And the baby bump has grown!   But one thing is still the same—I have lots of catching up to do on this blog!  So, let’s get to it with Lauren and Andrey’s wedding from last summer!  This wedding was so much fun—the people, the details, the traditions—it was all an elegant blast!

Photographed in Granville, Ohio at the Bryn Du Mansion.  Flowers by Petals and Leaves.

Here’s to outdoor gatherings, family and friends, parades, fireworks, ice cream, and all that’s American to you!  Happy Fourth of July!!


Jun 23, 2014
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Remember the treehouse? Sarah and Jake are the two who opened our eyes wide to such wonders nestled in the middle woods of Ohio! And they’re getting married right close to the tree house at the Grand Barn! I got their invitation in the mail a couple weeks ago and I opened it with eager anticipation (Sarah’s a designer so I knew the inside was going to hold something extra-special). Custom-designed and wrapped in baker’s twine, it’s beautiful and whimsical—I seriously can’t wait for their wedding! But alas, that’s not why we’re here today. Today, let’s celebrate them and their sweet smiles, their creative, down-to-earth personalities, and their coffee-loving tastes. Sarah and Jake met over coffee while both interning at a tech company in California, so they knew they wanted to shoot their engagement session in a coffee-shop. Just a bit before their session though, I talked them into springing for a little spontaneity and stopping for a quick visit to one of my favorite places in Columbus (and one of theirs, too!), the place that I lovingly call the bird bridge, but which is more formally known as Glen Echo Park.  It was the best.

A big thanks to One Line Coffee for letting us shoot pictures while Sarah and Jake sipped away at their coffee.

Apr 21, 2014
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I dreamed of maps when I was little.  I had one—ripped out of my dad’s National Geographic—pinned to my bedroom wall with pictures of all sorts of wonderful, exotic places that I would one day explore.  None were in the US, but the US is brimming with exotic, other-worldly places, too!  Places steeped in history and beauty, art and architecture.  New Orleans is one of those places.  It’s the sort of place you get swallowed up into.  The history, the people, the colors, the traditions, the food, the architecture, the sounds—it all just swallows you up whole and leaves you feeling a little breathless at the experience of it all.

Many, many thanks to my dear, dear friend Emily for introducing me to the world of NOLA—for pulling the car over countless times so I could take a photograph, for dealing with my unending shoe changes, and for walking and biking this city of beads with me!  I love you.